Halloween – Is Your Property Safe?

With Halloween around the corner, preparations are already underway. From jack-o-lanterns, to special lighting, to inflatable ghouls and goblins, many in our community take their Halloween decorations very seriously.

While decorating your home can be a fun annual tradition, it is also important that you consider the safety of trick or treaters entering onto your property.

The law in Ontario is that as an owner or occupier of a property you are responsible for making it reasonably safe for those entering onto your property. This includes trick or treaters, even if they are underage and somewhat unpredictable.

When preparing for trick or treaters, consider the following tips:

– Have a well-lit pathway from the street to your front door;
– Make sure any hazards on your property such as lawn ornaments are clearly marked;
– Keep any pets inside, ideally without access to the area where trick or treaters will enter your home;
– Clean up your yard to ensure it is free of debris (children may cut across lawns to decrease distance walked);
– Use lights instead of candles for your jack-o-lantern; and
– If an option, park your car in your garage

While the above list is not exhaustive, it provides some background on what to consider when preparing for Halloween. While the goal is always to balance fun and fright, safety should be the number one goal. Nothing is spookier than being named in a lawsuit.

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