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The Importance of Tenant’s Insurance

November 20, 2017|  By:  Troy Lehman

Many people who rent their homes think that tenant’s insurance is a waste of money.   Some...

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Allergic Reactions in Restaurants

October 16, 2017|  By:  Jordan Kofman

Food allergies are on the rise in Canada. It is estimated that over 2.5 million Canadians suffer...

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Liability and Lawsuits in Professional Sports

April 24, 2017|  By:  Troy Lehman

Can a person who is seriously injured while participating in a sporting event sue for compensation?...

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Liability Waivers

February 16, 2017|  By:  Kevin Henderson

One of the things I am most frequently asked about is liability waivers. Specifically, what happens...

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Are Insurance Companies Allowed to Spy on People?

November 21, 2016|  By:  Troy Lehman

If you have a personal injury claim against an insurance company there is a decent chance that...

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Look Before You Leap: Shallow Water Diving

June 14, 2016|  By:  Shane Henry

There are many ways that people engage in water sports, but often getting into the water means...

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Swimming Pool Liability

June 1, 2016|  By:  Troy Lehman

Warm weather is finally here. Swimming pools are open and warming up. It’s time to get your pool...

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Examining Tobogganing Bans – Is Society Going Too Far?

January 20, 2016|  By:  Oatley Vigmond, Brian M. Cameron,

Oatley Vigmond Partner Brian Cameron was a featured guest this week on NewsTalk 610 CKTB. Brian...

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Roger Oatley Offers Caution to Uber Passengers

December 18, 2015|  By:  Oatley Vigmond

Founding partner Roger Oatley was welcomed as a guest by a handful of radio stations across...

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Stag and Doe Liability: What Should You Know?

November 16, 2015|  By:  Oatley Vigmond

If you are hosting a stag and doe, wedding, cocktail party, or Christmas party you will want to...

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