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CHCH Square Off – School Trip Liability

Adam Little recently interviewed with CHCH on Square Off weighing in on a recent decision made that resulted in a grade 8 school trip being cancelled due to liability issues. […]

Cruise Ship Liability

Cruise ships have become a very popular form of vacation getaway for Canadians. But what rights does a passenger have if an injury occurs as a result of negligence onboard that cruise ship?

Liability of Airlines for Personal Injuries

Generally, if you suffer injuries because of another party’s negligence you can sue that party for the full extent of your economic loss. This is not the case if you suffer a serious injury on a commercial airplane.

Boating Liability

This time of year, our lakes are teeming with motorboats, sailboats and personal watercraft. Boating is a great way to spend a summer day. Unfortunately, a number of people in our area get seriously injured in boating mishaps each year.

Protecting “Sorry” – The Apology Act

In the past, doctors and other health professionals have been known to avoid apologizing when mistakes or bad outcomes happen, for fear that saying “sorry” could be interpreted as an admission of guilt or fault.

Drinking and Driving and Your Boat

There is no doubt that drinking and driving your car is reckless behaviour that is no longer socially acceptable. The same social condemnation does not exist in the boating community.

Demonstrative Evidence

This article reviews the law relating to the use of demonstrative evidence at trial. Demonstrative evidence includes illustrations, charts, anatomical models and even computer simulated animations.