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Extreme Sports, Extreme Risk

The companies that offer extreme sports experiences are liable for injuries and deaths caused by their negligence.

Liability for Faulty Road Design

A municipality is exposed to liability when it permits a road to be in a condition that is unsafe for drivers exercising ordinary care.

Liability for Defective Products

n Canada, each of the provinces has also legislated a “Sale of Goods Act” which makes sellers or retailers of products responsible for, among other things, hidden defects which are not obvious upon inspection.

I Slipped on Watermelon Juice… What Can I Do?

To prevent harm, as much as is possible, the law requires that owners and operators of commercial establishments take such reasonable care as is necessary to make sure that people are safe while they are on the premises.

Liability For Bad Roads

Winter driving can be hazardous. Every winter we hear about countless car crashes caused by snow and ice. The provincial Ministry of Transportation (“MTO”) and municipalities have a duty to […]

Sparky Never Bit Anyone Before…

Many dog owners believe in the unfounded myth that their dog is allowed one bite before they can be sued. A person owns a German Shepherd – Sparky. She has […]